Summer Assignments


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  • Advanced English I & English I - Welcome to STA!  As an incoming freshman at St. Teresa’s Academy you must complete a Summer Reading Assignment by the first day of school. Your assignment contains two parts and is worth a possible 20 points. Read the novel The Invention of Wings, by Sue Monk Kidd. Then, complete the following attached assignment.  A digital copy of your typed questions is due the first week of school. You can bring these to class on a flash drive or on your tablet. (See attachment)


  • Honors World Literature and World Literature - Sophomores will read and annotate (See attachment) Exit West ISBN-13: 978-0735212206. For our first assignment, students will use the annotations to prepare a critical analysis essay responding to a specific prompt.
  • AP World History - Students in AP World History will complete the attached worksheets in preparation for the Fall Semester. These activities will be due the first day of school, printed out and ready to discuss. You will have an exam the first week of school to test your knowledge on these subjects. (See attachment)


  • AP English Literature - As an AP Literature student at St. Teresa's Academy, you should read Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy this summer. You should read these works well, annotating along the way. Students should be prepared to take a quiz over both works with some character and quotation identification. In addition to the quizzes, the class will engage in discussions, so be ready to talk about passages that you found significant and what themes they reflect.  The editions for purchase: ISBN-13: 978-0316769174 and ISBN-13: 978-0679744399
  • American Literature - Read The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. ISBN-13: 9780316769488  Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
    American Literature Summer Reading Assignment
  • AP US American History - (See attachment) Students to read and annotate text excerpt and answer questions on assignment page for the first day of school.
  • College Counseling - Explore Scoir   If you have not yet registered with Scoir, you may do so at 
    • “Follow” schools in the College section of Scoir and add to My Colleges. 
    • Complete the YOUScience career aptitude test (90 minutes) and interest inventory in Scoir
    • Shadow &/or volunteer in possible career interest area
    • Take a virtual college tour (on college website under Admissions or Prospective Student page) of at least 3 colleges of interest (also check out the Academics and Student Life sections of college websites)
    • Follow College Counseling on Instagram at sta_college_counseling
  • Optional: Junior/Senior Service Project - This is not a requirement to look at this as we will cover it all at your first class meeting in the fall, but if you'd like to start early, you can explore: Junior/Senior Service Project Information


  • ALL SENIORS - COLLEGE COUNSELING - Scoir College Self-Inventory: located under My Profile>Surveys>2021 Self-Inventory. This is mandatory for ALL seniors. Remember to save periodically so you do not lose your responses. The Class of 2021 Self-Inventory will be available on May 1. Deadline – September 1st.  Parent brag sheets are also due on Sept. 1 (available in Scoir and emailed to parents). Continue to work on your college portfolio: resume, possible college essay topics/drafts, college major exploration, and your college list. Remember to “follow” colleges on Scoir &/or add to My Colleges in Scoir or Colleges I’m Thinking About in Naviance. College Application Work Day - Tues., Aug. 4th 2-6 pm in Windmoor (optional and may come anytime within timeframe).  Follow College Counseling on Instagram sta_college_counseling
  • ALL SENIORS - SERVICE PROJECTS -  A total of at least 45 volunteer hours must be completed and recorded in the Helper Helper app by senior orientation day in order to be eligible for Senior Privileges. This includes 30 hours from Junior Service Week (Phase 1) and 15 spring/summer hours on your own time (Phase 2). For service project ideas and guidelines, click here.
  • Senior Writing and Literature -  As a Senior Writing and Literature student at St. Teresa's Academy, you will read The Wall by John Lanchester this summer. Read this work well, annotating along the way.  Be prepared to take a test, short answer, with character and quotation identification related to theme.  We will use the text as a foundation for our first essay. The paperback edition you should  purchase is: ISBN-13: 978-0393357776
  • AP English Language - This summer, AP English Language students at St. Teresa's Academy are required to read The Wall, by John Lanchester (paperback edition ISBN-13: 978-0393357776), and two chapters from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden: “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For” and “Solitude” (please use this FREE ONLINE edition) Walden, by Henry David Thoreau Please read the texts closely and annotate them. On the first day of school, all students must be prepared to take an assessment over the texts. The class will also devote the first few weeks of school engaging in discussions and essays centered on complementary and contradictory thematic elements within these works, especially views on the environment, nature, solitude, community, hope, and despair.
  • College Composition - As a College Composition student at St. Teresa's Academy, you must read The Wall by John Lanchester this summer. Read this work closely, annotating along the way.  Be prepared to take a test, short answer, with character and quotation identification related to theme.  Please purchase the paperback edition: ISBN-13: 978-0393357776.
  • Art Portfolio - Summer assignments help alleviate the pressure during the school year of producing the many quality pieces needed for a successful portfolio. There are 3 assignment categories: Sketchbook Assignments (20), Life Drawings (2), and Projects (2). Completing more of these pieces than required will only put you that much further ahead when school starts. Here are the Assignments. Assignments are due: Second class meeting of the 20-21 school year.
  • AP Psychology - (See attachment)