Percentage Grading

Beginning in the fall of 2010, St. Teresa's Academy began  indicating student performance as a percentage (%) rather than a letter grade (e.g. A, B, C) on transcripts, parent report cards and requests from post-secondary institutions or public entities.

Q: How will the GPA be calculated?
A: The GPA will be calculated as a percentage for each semester and cumulatively.

Q: How will I report cumulative GPA?
A: You will report the cumulative percentage earned (example, 92.60%).

Q: Will the cumulative percentage include weighted grades?
A: Yes

Q: Will STA report an unweighted GPA?
A: No, transcripts will show only a weighted cumulative percentage.

Q: How will honors and AP courses be weighted on the percentage system?
A: Honors, AP, and College Level III or higher World Language courses will be given an additional 5 percentage points each. (example, 92.00% = 97.00% in a weighted course).

Q: What is the highest percentage a student can earn?
A: 100% is the maximum a student can earn unless it is a weighted course, then the maximum will be a 105%.

Q: Will STA continue its no ranking policy?
A: Yes

Q: What is the percentage required for athletic and extracurricular participation?
A: 73.00%

Q: If a college/scholarship organization wants to see a grade scale what do we use?
A: We suggest they use the scale that is used by the NCAA Clearinghouse. That scale is the traditional 90-100= A, 80-89=B, etc.

Q: What are the first and second honors requirements?
A: First Honors = 93.00% and higher, Second Honors = 87.00%-92.99%

Q: How will this change be communicated to the colleges?
A: A brief explanation will be noted at the bottom of each transcript. A school profile with a detailed explanation will also accompany each transcript that is sent to a college/scholarship organization. We will make every effort to communicate our grade reporting change to colleges.

Q: What about transcripts for STA graduates?
A: All prior transcripts will not change. The change will go into affect with the class of 2011 and after.

Q: Do most post-secondary institutions prefer percentage reporting over letter grades?
A: Yes, most colleges and universities prefer percentage reporting over letter grades as it offers a more accurate, standardized method of reporting and allows for greater distinction between and among varied student populations.

Q: Has St. Teresa's Academy lowered its academic standard by converting to a percentage scale?
A: Definitely NOT. Percentage reporting does NOT affect how teachers determine student performance. It simply changes how a teacher reflects the student's score and now, in a more accurate, specific manner.

Q: If forms or applications ask what GPA scale STA uses, what do we do?
A: Check 100% or "other" and indicate percentages.

Q: What percentage must be earned in order to receive credit?
A: 66.50%. A 66.49% and below will result in no credit and summer school will be required if it is needed for graduation.